This is a post that I did for LinkedIn that I have copied here for others to view….

Well I am back with a progress update on my Modern Home 203/Wareham procedural model made in #ArcGIS #CityEngine. Basically more refinement happening in the roof and window details. Also notice my use of interactive handles for the dormer! I am also now working on the porch details, again starting with the basic mass model and slowly adding detail in the code incrementally. All while trying to keep what’s actually available to the user at a minimum in the inspector.

Again, depending on how you approach a model scope can be tricky especially when using splits. For example for the porch here I used a shapeU operation followed by some splits… however at one point I forgot that the I had split a shapeU operation and so my scope was unexpectedly large. Took me 10 minutes to realise what I had done wrong! (sorry for any confusion but if you have ever used CityEngine you would understand). Did I also mention I had started to look at proper textures on surfaces as well? Perhaps I will write some more on that next post.

Okay now the shameless plug: Did you know I am a CityEngine instructor trainer? I can do project work or knowledge transfer and I can train you or your organisation in the use of ArcGIS CityEngine, contact me for more details!

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