Okay, lots of people may know how to do this but I didn’t until today so I thought I’d share it.   Basically I wanted properly formatted text (nice fonts, colours lists etc..) on a Layout I was working on.

This works in my case with ArcGIS 9.3.1 (my case ArcMAP) and Word 2007

  1. Select Insert on the File menu and select “Insert Object”
  2. Check Create New option and scroll down to and select “Microsoft Office Word Document”
  3. Click Okay
  4. Word should open up and you can start typing away!
  5. Once you are finished click the round office button and select Update
  6. When you close word the text box in your Layout View will go clear.

I hope this helps, you may also notice that the text box you create is too wide and that resizing it shrinks the text and the box.   If you would like the text box’s width to be narrower:

  1. Double-click your text box to open Word again.
  2. With the rulers in Word on adjust the text column width to suit your needs.
  3. Now click update and you should see it change

If you need help with these instructions please leave a comment or message me, I’ve written it rather quickly at work so I remember how to do it as well!


  1. With Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 and ArcMap 10.2.1, I have problems that Microsoft word work very slow (Not Responding) and also Microsoft word 2007 work the same. Please help me solve this

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