I may have gotten carried away….

So I did a little project with EsriUK recently (don’t ask I can’t tell) but some of the outputs tested were fun and I thought I’d share….

Basically I took our London 3D Building data (based on CyberCity3D and Ordnance Survey OpenData plus some unique 3D assets created by me) and used Esri CityEngine to texture the buildings (the textures were sourced by my friends at EsriUK).

First I created a rule file to drape textures on our 3D data (imported from a file geodatabase / multipatch) and tested it in Esri CityEngine on a small section. Then I made the rule file a rule package that can be used in ArcGIS Pro. Then with the Features from CityEngine Rules GP tool I processed the mulitpatch data for London…. this allowed me to process a much larger dataset than Esri CityEngine would allow.

I always wanted a battleship for Christmas!

The results speak for themselves… a bit of fun for the festive season and yes all of these is still ‘accurate’ GIS data capable of being used in analysis (apart from perhaps the present boxes).

I could have done all of the GLA, but who has the time?

Did I mention that the baubles represent London Boroughs?

Also don’t forget there’s some Esri CityEngine training I’m conducting on the 14th and 15th of January and there are still places!

To all my followers and readers wishing wonderful seasons greetings, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!