My new phone
(image from HRC)

Update: Uh oh @mapsgirl has kindly pointed out that if you use Disqus for your comments on blogger then you won’t be able to get comments to your posts via disqus on the mobile site (the default blogger comments system seems unaffected)

Just a quick news item that if you are visiting this site with a mobile/cell phone you will see a specially formatted site!

How did I do this miracle of modern wizardry you ask?

Use a barcode scanner

Simple I switched my blogger dashboard (goto to draft and then under settings — Email & Mobile checked the following:

Yes, show the mobile version of my template on mobile devices.

Quite easy really…


  1. I tried this with my blog. Unfortunately, because I use Disqus for my comments, my readers couldn't comment on the posts leaving the mobile template useless for interaction. 🙁

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