Esri UC San Diego 2019

This page is for information relating to the Esri UC in San Diego 2019.  I’ll be putting contact details as well as my map gallery entries here as well.

I’ll be representing as always Garsdale Design Limited, but also our friends and partners the amazing ‘proptech/plantech’ Esri Startup Fastr Property.

This year it’s mostly meetings and attending sessions.  I’ve also submitted some maps for the Map Gallery (when I’ve submitted more details will follow).  Oh and look there is no CityEngine here! (just a little 3D):

  1. No Place Like Home – Monochrome (1 panel: D-12-04) 
  2. What lies above the underground? (1 panel: D-12-05 
  3. Sedbergh’s The Fallen (1 panel: D-12-06 )
  4. London Walk (paper 2 panels: D-12-07,D-12-08) 
  5. Sedbergh and District: The Fallen App (digital submission)

Best ways to contact me at the UC this year, or if you see me with a I love CityEngine badge stop me and say hi:

I can chat with you about all things ArcGIS Urban, GIS, 3DGIS, 3D, vfx, geodesign, urban design, planning, and of course Esri CityEngine.