Well this looks like a fun role for someone… I am tempted myself!

“Do you want to contribute to the connection between innovative geospatial procedural modeling capability and industry-leading 3D platforms such as Rhino 3D, Unreal Engine, and more? Join Esri and help define the intersection of real-world data with game engines and entertainment industry quality visualization and effects.”

“You will be responsible for synthesizing and prioritizing requirements from customers and key industry partners to maintain and develop product plans and roadmaps for ArcGIS CityEngine, the Procedural Runtime Engine, and technology projects that extend CityEngine and GIS into 3D industry workflows and tools. You will work with an extended team of developers, professional services, marketing, sales, partners, and customers to refine, maintain, and promote the story and vision of ArcGIS CityEngine to help drive awareness and adoption. This role is an integral part of our efforts to engage customers, solve problems, and influence industry groups and strategic partners to better integrate geospatial data and technology into the tools and workflows that shape the world around us.”

Head on over to the Esri Careers site to read more and apply…


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