Speaking of the sharing of data (See previous post), what I have yet to understand is why the UK government and the Royal Mail wants to keep some of this data secret/commericial?

Look at all the different local planning authorities who have to advertise and consult on planning applications.   Each council has its very own planning database and online system.  Each has a different format for publishing its weekly lists. In part due to the planning delivery grant and e-planning initiatives (eGov success story??)

Then along come Planningalerts.com wanting to make it easy for the public to see if there are planning applications in their area for free.  But to do so requires purchase of a licence for using the postcode file.  It all seems just a bit unfair, and whilst I understand the need to be able to pay for the postcode databases to be updated I think there would be cost savings to many local authorities and the public if this system was changed.  (how about free for non-commercial use to start with?)

Instead of rewarding this great idea that increases consultation and helps the citizen and local authorities, national government and the post office seem reluctant to share… and for the sake of a few million pounds.