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Month: December 2013

Merry Christmas from GeoPlanIT – Video

Merry Christmas from GeoPlanIT – Video

Stop rolling your eyes everyone is doing this…..

CityEngine Security Camera Demo – Video & CGA Code

CityEngine Security Camera Demo – Video & CGA Code

I saw the CityEngine webinar yesterday on “3D Cities for Safety and Security”   and got inspired by their security camera rule, I thought I could do that quite quickly so came up with this:

Here’s the code for those that like this sort of thing (it’s not carefully commented by feel free to modify and share) I’m aware the CityEngine team have something much more sophisticated but for 5 minutes coding I think it’s quite nice:


 * File:    camera.cga
 * Created: 19 Dec 2013 16:18:39 GMT
 * Author:  EHartley

version "2013.1"

attr cameraColor = "#ff00ff"
attr cameraTransparency = 0.5	
attr cameraRotate =0
attr cameraAngle =0
attr cameraDistance =20
attr cameraHeight = 2.5
attr cameraH = 64
attr cameraW = 48
pyramid = "assets/pyramid.dae"

	color(cameraColor) set(material.opacity,cameraTransparency)
	comp(f) { top : camera | all : NIL}

	roofPyramid(30) s('1,cameraDistance,'1)
Central London – Tower Treetop – Video

Central London – Tower Treetop – Video


This is the start of adding more ”smart data” to buildings beyond just a ‘dumb’ grey building and/or textured.   CyberCity3D give roof details, heights, angles and roof type but are looking at adding for specific buildings floors and other attributes.   I thought I’d jump ahead and see what I could with that kind of information in CityEngine.

So what if you had floor levels within buildings? You could run any rule you wanted on each floor or place in a detailed floor plan. Or you could put a park on a well known building landmark and give each floor a pretty colour…..

The “Gherkin” was modelled in more detail separately (using SketchUp in this case), this specific model is not part of the CyberCIty3D dataset.


Floors Colour by Area in CityEngine pretty but also potentially useful for proerpty management companies?
Central London Webscene – Video

Central London Webscene – Video

Okay I must stop with this video thing now….

CityEngine + Cartographer’s Toolkit + CyberCity3D London data -Video

CityEngine + Cartographer’s Toolkit + CyberCity3D London data -Video

You can get more information from Peterson here.

CityEngine at Speed – Video

CityEngine at Speed – Video

My first video to have a musical background (free from YouTube Library), please accept my apologies if it gets annoying…

The video itself was first shown at the Geodesign Summit in Redlands in January 2013, it got a laugh as it was speeded up, I suggested at the time using Benny Hill music over the top but chickened out for this version…

Auto-texturing in CityEngine & export to LumenRT

Auto-texturing in CityEngine & export to LumenRT

Update : Now with added video

Just a quick progress report:  The LumenRT stock rule files and textures with simple modifications can be used on other projects.   I’m using CyberCity3D’s

RealLondon3D data here which I’ve very quickly used a texturing rule file and then exported out to LumenRT.

It’s fun to get to this quality of render in under 15 minutes…
Some textures have not been as successful as others
Night time effects can hide most mistakes…
LumenRT comes with models and rule files that add real lighting effects
I wish CItyEngine could handle terrains better….