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Month: January 2013

Off-topic: Forget #geobeers have a Burrito Pro (with site maintenance).

Off-topic: Forget #geobeers have a Burrito Pro (with site maintenance).

When I go abroad I make sure I sample the local foods as I consider it only polite.   The trouble in America is that the portions are often massive, ah well…

You may have heard I went to Redlands for the GeoDesign summit, what you didn’t necessarily know, was where I ate.  As the hotel (Ayres Hotel) didn’t have a restaurant and I didn’t really want to drive, this little place next door seemed to be perfect.  El Burrito Redlands

One word: "yum"
You know you want it…

Okay I did eat elsewhere, but the team of 4 or 5 Mexican(?) women making their own tortillas and serving them through that glass hatch did a good job.  I won’t say they were polite but it was quick and seemed fresh.   I would recommend anyone visiting ESRI in Redlands to have a go and order the Garbage (yes that does sound good) Burrito (preferably ground beef, although the pork was good).

I think if they were really on the ball they should do an ESRI themed Burrito , Basic, Advanced or Pro anyone?


GeoDesign Summit 2013 Pre-Blog post

GeoDesign Summit 2013 Pre-Blog post

The Summit was good the telephone bill was not…

Well I’ve just come back from a very rewarding “Geodesign Summit” in Redlands, it’s really connected a lot of ideas for me.   I’ve met some really interesting people and learnt a lot from different disciplines and industries.   It might also have opened a few doors for me to, which let’s face it career wise is not bad thing!

I have so far got a lot of positive feedback from my presentation, the first write up I’ve seen was posted here, not so much a review more of a repeat/rewording of what I said.   Still someone paid attention!

Waiting for my big moment…

The summit has given me inspiration for several posts which I will write over the coming days.   I won’t commit to you guys what those topics are just yet!   I will endeavour to put my script and/or presentation slides up for those that are interested to.

CityEngine + OS Opendata + Forestry Rule file

CityEngine + OS Opendata + Forestry Rule file

Happy New Year everyone!  After a successful break I came back to the office bursting with ideas for new CityEngine models and here is one I can share with you.   It successfully combines a small but neat forestry rule file, allowing me to adjust tree height based on old and new growth in varying proportions (20% old growth, 80% new growth).   I’ve used a road rule file from a middle eastern project.  I’ve then downloaded OS OpenData which includes terrain, street network and vectormap data (

As you can see the model is coming along, what I really like is drawing freehand a road network that just magically appears on my terrain all textured up.

Inappropriate wind turbine site and bridges?

The terrain colouring isn’t perfect I know, but it will have to do for now until I can get some satellite imagery.   I can see a real use for CityEngine beyond city visualisations, perhaps I was on to something with this previous post .

I think I may add something about this model to my presentation at the GeoDesign Summit, at the end of this month.