Modelling an Historic Arab City Centre in 3D using CityEngine – Continued

Okay, I keep coming back to this rule file tweaking various elements, this time I’ve added wind towers to it.   Wind towers aren’t a feature of every old Arabic urban area (that’s why I’ve included a switch to turn them on and off), but it felt wrong not to include them…

There’s still room for improvement, every so often I get features hanging in mid-air, probably because of some of the odd shapes.   The images below have are just taken straight from a webscene (no other rendering or enhancements).   This time the shapes the buildings are built on are real world plots from a job we’re working on (believe it or not this is work here for a real planning job!).


Some people may recognise my favourite water tower and TV mast from previous models… there are too many mosques here as well.


I want to next work on the utility networks, these poles are far to neat…


You can see my parking garage there….

{lang: 'en-GB'}

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