3D Data visualisation ArcGIS to CityEngine

Another quick post as I’ve been experimenting for a project with data from ArcGIS, simple stuff like using a spatial join to count points within polygons. But here CityEngine allows you to quickly model that data in 3D, ¬†I didn’t write a special rule for this I used one I already had and where there was a height attribute in the rule file I joined it to my simple count attribute in the imported polygon layer.

Hexagons are the only way to visualise this stuff honestly... :)
Hexagons are the only way to visualise this stuff honestly… ūüôā

This type of visualisation helps us to understand the urban core and where there are higher concentrations of shops. ¬†In the image above we had a survey done of the number and location of shops in a defined area within a city core in Iraq. ¬† ¬†Simple numbers but difficult to sometimes interpret on a 2D map. ¬† The hexagon polygons are fairly¬†coarse here I’ll probably make them smaller when it comes to finalising the work…

The end result may well be one of those webscenes that CityEngine produces so well.

Putting geodesign into practice? ArcGIS & Wacom Cintiq 24HD in use

2013-05-28 14.14.42
The box is impressive…

Ok first up not all gadgets are trivial, in particular I don’t believe play is trivial (shameless plug for previous post there, apologies). ¬†Recently I tweeted a that we (in my office) had purchased a geodesign gadget.¬†¬† So you’ve now got two or three questions haven’t you?

  1. What on earth is geodesign?!
  2. What’s the gadget?
  3. Overcoming Software install problems¬†¬†“A supported tablet was not found on the system”

  4. Why do I care?
  5. Wacom Cintiq 24HD and ArcGIS
  6. What’s next?

Let’s try and answer them (apologies for another big post)….

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