Using CityEngine to model Lego…

UPDATE : You can view the model in CityEngine’s webscene webviewer here.

I’m often told that when I’m modelling in 3D I might as well be playing with Lego, so I’ve been working on a rule file that actually models Lego…. Ha! That will show them!

Early Lego/CityEngine model

The serious side to the rule file is that it is teaching me some proper techniques for later use.

Yes but what would it look like in Lego?

 Notice how the height of the Lego block varies and so to does each individual piece….  My next modification is to make the lego height jump in brick heights not actual numbers.


Quick Tip : Using CityEngine’s colorRamp Function

UPDATE : You can view a demo of this rule file in action here via CityEngine’s webscene web viewer

This is a fun quick tip, instead of assigning a specific colour to each floor and building when not use the built in colorRamp function.  Search for it in the help file for detailed usage here’s how I’ve used it:

Heat island?

I’ve taken a centre point and coloured the rooftop of each building using the colorRamp function.   Basically it checks to see how far it is from a chosen point (fixed in the rule file) and normalises it so the value is between 0 and 1 and then uses that value to pick a colour in the depending on your chosen colorRamp.

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The Power of Play (my speech at the awards dinner GISWORX’13)

I was recently asked to be the Guest Speaker at the wards dinner and ceremony at GISWORX’13, I was asked if I could say something motivational/inspirational for 5 minutes…. I hope this was okay:

“Good evening fellow geo colleagues and distinguished guests, I feel very honoured to be asked to present at this wonderful conference.   I think we can all agree that GISTEC have done a marvellous job fitting so much in to 3 days, with such interesting presentations and workshops!

I was asked whether I would talk to you now about something motivational or inspirational potentially related to the conference themes.

But all I have come up with is the idea we all need to find time to play.   Let me try and explain to you what I believe is the ….

… the power of play

My first memory of a computer
My first memory of a computer

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