Analysing you the reader….

So I like Google Analytics, as it makes me feel like these pages are being read by someone.   What always surprises me is why people come here, I wonder what it tells me about the world…

Do people really still use the old HP DesignJet 500?  How do people not know how to export attribute tables to Excel in ArcGIS?   That Feature Construction toolbar must piss people off, yes?!

This months (12th March – 11th April) top pages are very similar to last months:

Page Title Pageviews
1. HP DesignJet 500 and Windows 7: Yes it does work even without the HPGL2 card! | GeoPlanIT 1,737 31.33%
2. GeoPlanIT 774 13.96%
3. Export attribute tables from ArcGIS to Excel. | GeoPlanIT 360 6.49%
4. PhotoShop: Unknown or invalid JPEG marker type… | GeoPlanIT 258 4.65%
5. To Unity and Beyond? QGIS, ArcGIS, SketchUp Pro/Free, CityEngine and Unity | GeoPlanIT 136 2.45%
6. ArcGIS 10 – Turn Off the “Feature Construction” toolbar. | GeoPlanIT 130 2.34%
7. cityengine | GeoPlanIT 96 1.73%
8. A very quick Rule Wizard for CityEngine tutorial | GeoPlanIT 95 1.71%
9. ArcGIS : Using Query Builder to display certain features (multiple) | GeoPlanIT 92 1.66%
10. Solution: Very slow printer dialog boxes in Windows (network printers) | GeoPlanIT 69 1.24%

#ESRIUC 2012

UPDATED 16/05/2012 – I’ve had to withdraw my presentation due to work commitments, maybe another year….

ESRI’s User Conference is fast approaching in San Diego, and I’m presenting a paper (okay a 15-20 minute presentation) there in the Urban Planning in 3D session.   More details will follow, hopefully with extra information and resources!  For now here is what I know about where I am:

  • Paper : #668 The Instant City – A future for City Master Planning
  • Session Title: Urban Planning in 3D
  • Date : 26th July 2012
  • Room : Room 27B

It’s along journey for 15 minutes but I’m hoping to be at the whole conference, please feel to drop me an email or tweet if you want to meet up!

The paper/presentation will cover similar ground to my ESRIUK user conference presentations last year.   But hopefully you will see that I’ve moved on a little from there and have found CityEngine to be a compelling tool for master planning cities.

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UPDATED 16/05/2012 – I’ve had to withdraw my presentation due to work commitments, maybe another year….