Export attribute tables from ArcGIS to Excel.

Okay not the most exciting topics ever approached but hopefully this is useful.

  1. Open ArcMap and Excel
  2. ‘Right-Click’ on your polygon layer in ArcMap and select “Open Attribute Table”
  3. Now Click on the Options button and then “Select All”
  4. In the right left* hand grey column (see the small black arrow? click there) ‘Right-Click’ to see this menu:
  5. Now switch to a blank workspace in Excel and paste your data, voila!

Okay you can export this data as a file but after step 3, select ‘Export’ and select your file format dbase, txt, File and Personal Geodatabase tables. I tend not to use this method as I find copy and paste far simpler.

Updated: Click on the left column/border (in grey), thanks to Pepix for spotting my error, apologies for any confusion.

Alternatives to AutoCAD? progeCAD 2009

Let’s face it AutoCAD is hugely expesensive especially for small firms, but what can you do? Well progeCAD could be your first port of call it works like AutoCAD and seems to be fully compatible but it is ver much cheaper:

progeCAD 2009 , the State of the Art of 2D/3D DWG and DXF CAD, powered by the most recent IntelliCAD engine is an easy replacement for AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT®!
Share your DWG, import DWG from PDF, export models to Google Earth®, PDF print, thousands of free blocks are only some of the key features available…

I’ve been using the trial to see if you can plot over georeferenced satellite imagery, it appears you can and I will post a workflow just as soon as I can.

Visit their website: