Sedbergh 3D in ArcGIS Pro



It’s been a while since I’ve posted here sorry!   I’m getting ready for my Miami PathFinder workshop but as a bit of break I’ve been working with CyberCity3D data of my home town in ArcGIS Pro.  Here’s what I like, drag ‘n’ drop, split screen 2D and 3D and I love being able to connect the views so as I zoom and pan in 2D I get the same actions in the 3D pane (or vice versa).   You don’t have to have the, linked but it’s fun.   I also think being able to do 2D and 3D on one paper map layout is going to give us some interesting maps.


If you’re based in Sedbergh and want to us this 3D model, please don’t hesitate to get in contact!

3D Building Data from CyberCity3D

CyberCity Black

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Floor splits

Whether you do floor splits in CityEngine or another program, the results can look quite nice.   I thought I’d share some in progress screenshots (not a real project just a proof of concept).

The floor splits a recoloured using a color ramp function but you can feed in floor area or height as an attribute to change the colour.  As with everything CityEngine, this is only the begining..

Webscene by Garsdale Design Limited

Garsdale Design Logo GDL_200pxl

3D Building Data from CyberCity3D

CyberCity Black

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Esri UC Q&A – 3D

As I’m only interested in the 3D part of Esri’s Q&A for the User Conference I thought I’d paste it here (I’ll probably have some commentary coming as well in a later post) :

More can be read on the official site here.

Esri has written questions and answers to keep our customers informed on our efforts in software development, products, education, and support; future plans in these areas; and our thoughts on GIS and the industry as a whole. Our purpose for sharing this information is to help our users be successful in their use of GIS. Please feel free to share with your colleagues.

Read more

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CityEngine Webscene : North American Urban Demo

I thought people would be interested in this webscene, I also thought I would embed it but then this page would take ages to load…

The webscene is really a mashup of 2D, 3D and custom rule files with a sprinkle of SketchUp modelling, I think it came out well…

Click here or on the image below to go the webscene page.



Webscene by Garsdale Design Limited

Garsdale Design Logo GDL_200pxl

3D Building Data from CyberCity3D

CyberCity Black


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Esri UC 2014 San Diego : My presentations


Procedural Sheep? Ewe better believe it!

“Another conference?!” I hear you all say, well to be fair this one is a lot of fun, especially if you’re in the Esri world.  Although there is a lot here for you opensource types too (okay not about the software but the use of GIS at least).   Last year I did one presentation at the 3D Mapping forum before the main conference.  This year I’m doing two presentations one at the 3D & Lidar Mapping forum (with it’s own venue this year!) and one at the main UC.  Oh and I am meeting my business friends such as CyberCity3D

Working with CityEngine (and how to enjoy it)

So what will I talk about?  Well my presentation for the 3D Mapping forum is provisionally entitled “Working with CityEngine (and how to enjoy it)”.   This looks like a cop-out presentation title doesn’t it?  Well it’s not.

You see the people I talk to who have started to use CityEngine are often stuck in a GIS world or a 3D world or a planning world or an architecture world… you get the picture they’re in their own little professional bubble.   The idea of this presentation is to show how truly versatile CityEngine is and that thinking outside the box can help.   Come along and see if you don’t believe me!

Oh and the procedural sheep make a triumphant return!


This won’t get too surreal…

Modelling Arabic Urban Cores using CityEngine


My main UC presentation is really more technical for those interested in getting some ideas and help in how to model real world areas in CityEngine.    I’ll explore workflows and strategies which hopefully won’t give all my secrets away!

I’ll look at how I choose what’s an important in a scene and how to think about the limitations of 3D.

Days and times for my presentations:

3D Mapping Forum

  • Smart 3D Cities Track
  • Sunday, 13 Jul 2014, 1:45pm – 3:45pm
  • Location: Omni Ballroom A/B

2:30-3:00pm Working with CityEngine (and how to enjoy it) 

EsriUC 2014

  • 3D GIS Workflows and Design for Mass 3D Modeling
  • Wednesday, 16 Jul 2014, 1:30-2:45pm
  • Location: Room 23C

 1:30-2:45pm (not sure on exact time I’m only one listed) Modelling Arabic Urban Cores using CityEngine

If you’re attending the EsriUC this year get in contact with me to chat about CityEngine and my company’s (Garsdale Design) services!


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Esri UK Annual Conference : the quick write up

2014-06-11 12.48.20

About 1400 people attended the event… and here they all are…

On the June the 11th 2014 Garsdale Design had it’s first UK conference booth, this was at the Esri UK Annual User Conference.  I’ve been sceptical of the value of this type of thing. I can go to the conference for free and meet people why do I need a booth?   Well I thought we should give it a go anyway.

ws06_3D London by GDL

I may have done a little bit of showing off…. London by CyberCity3D

Thankfully I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the outcome of the event.   Don’t get me wrong, no solid earth shattering revelations here and no paid jobs (yet) have come of it, but I have been able to meet and show fellow professionals what we can do for them.Main Page

The nature of what I’m offering does feel like I’m a big walking advert for CityEngine.   But that’s okay the more people who have CityEngine naturally means more people will be aware of it’s capabilities and just how much work is required to truly take advantage of this tricky piece of software.

The magic all happened here

The magic all happened here

If I had one criticism, it’s that the booths/kiosks were oddly arranged.   The monitor I had should probably have been on the other side.  In a hall this size no one should really have been behind a column either.. ah well.

As usual the Esri UK staff were great and it felt like a sizeable percentage came up to me to check I was happy!   All sorts of people were interested in my 3D CityEngine demo from planners, to airport employees, mobile communication companies and renewable types.  CityEngine and 3D products can be used in so many areas I sometimes wonder who won’t be interested in seeing what it can do with them.

What I’m discovering is that GIS data in 3D can be a truly compelling medium for many industries.   

Thank you to all those who dropped by and said ‘hello’, if you need more information or a demo just drop me a line….

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Esri UK Conference 2014

Main Page

It’s no secret my work for CyberCity3D here in the UK, not only do they have Sedbergh and Gloucester covered they also have London too… I’ve been producing promotional imagery from webscenes like this and thought you might like it.

ws03_3D London by GDL

If you’re at the Esri UK 2014 Conference this next week come talk to me at the Garsdale Design Limited booth…  I’m give you a little demo too!


3D Building Data from CyberCity3D

CyberCity Black

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CityEngine 2014 – What’s New? (The Changelogs)


It’s finally here and I have very little time to blog about it, how about a change log cut ‘n’ paste instead? It seems more stable and has sorted some of the export issues out.


CGA Changelog

CGAC 1.2
new features:

  • offset, roofGable, roofHip, roofShed operations: holes in polygons are now supported.
  • setback operation: new syntax for selecting uv sets and new uv-based selectors uv.left, uv.right, uv.bottom,; uv coordinates and vertex normals are not deleted anymore but interpolated for new inner vertices.
  • tileUV operation: using 0 for the textureWidth or the textureHeight parameter protects that coordinate from beeing touched.

changes to existing features:

  • import: attr value propagation logic was simplified.


  • import: resolving assets from cross-project imports failed in some cases (imports which imported a cga file from the same directory). This was fixed in the cga compiler (CGAC), so existing rpks should be updated.
  • assetApproxRatio, assetApproxSize, assetBestRatio, assetBestSize, assetFitSize, fileRandom, imageApproxRatio, imageBestRatio functions: fixed a bug which led to wrong asset lookups if imported from a different project.
  • geometry.angle function: fixed a bug which led to wrong results.
  • fileSearch operation:
    • hits in the current project were reported in relative path notation; this got changed to absolute workspace paths again.
    • crash fixed if illegal regexps were used in attr initialization
    • spaces within qoutes were broken
  • initialShape attributes returned wrong values if used in const / attr functions.
  • comp operation: for polygons with holes, the border, insider selectors and the = operator were buggy.
  • imageInfo function: does not crash anymore on empty filename.
  • imagesSortRatio function: does not crash anymore on empty fileList.
  • split operation: fixed a bug which led to deletion of the last leaf of a uv-split in some cases.
  • inside function: fixed a bug which led to wrong results.
  • Fixed a bug connected to inter-model occlusion of vertically distant initial shapes

Python Changelog

Status Commands
new setFirstEdge
new setStreetEdges
new separateFaces
new setCameraPoI
new combineShapes
new get/setExportedContent in CEWebSceneExportModelSettings
new get/setReportMode in DAEExportModelSettings and KMLExportModelSettings
new get/setFacesWithHoles, get/setTriangulatedMeshes in FGDBExportModelSettings
new/changed get/setStreetWidthSettings* in GrowStreetSettings
changed New argument in addAttributeLayer to add georeferenced textures.
changed *StreetWidth* changed to *StreetLanes* in AnalyzeGraphSetings


That’s all for now!  More when I’m not deep in work :)

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